About Me


Hello! The name’s Andrew and I’m a husband, a dad, and (as you can probably see) a rad Utah photographer.

I was born in sunny Southern California in Orange County; but, I spent most of my youth in San Diego. Throw in things like life, schooling, and marriage… and you’ll find me going from the sandy shores of San Diego to the majestic mountains of Northern Utah.

I chose photography as my creative medium because I love to tell stories. However, when I was younger, I was often reminded that I would embellish my stories or talk too much... So my mother sarcastically handed me a camera at 14 years old and I haven’t looked back.


Photography in Utah has since been a blessing in my life as I capture moments in nature or moments with a family that now last a lifetime. I also know that photo shoots with people can be awkward (we’ve all been there…). So, I’ll make you laugh with a few of my dad jokes to help me capture your best smiles with my camera. Then afterwards, you can taco-bout how much fun you had over some Mexican food.

- Andrew McFarlane

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